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Background information and reports on community forests
Community-Owned Forests Resources
Case studies, governance models and website links for community and tribal forests
Community-Owned Forests Conference
Presentations from conference held June 2005
Engaging the Community
Resources for successful community involvement
Timberland Ownership
Reports on changes and trends in forest ownership
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News articles on community forests and timberlands
Planning and Management
How-to publications and examples of forest management plans
Management Issues
Information and reports on conservation easements, timber sales, wood energy and other forest management issues
Monitoring and Evaluation
Resources for developing management indicators and evaluation plans

Monitoring and Evaluation

Forest Sustainability Indicator Tools for Communities Indicator ToolKit
Sustainable Measures and American Forests, 2003.
An indicator 'tool kit' for forest-based communities that are working on maintaining and enhancing their natural resources as a basis for long-term economic, social and environmental health. A key component of the tool kit is the Montreal Process Criteria and Indicators - a framework, which helps assess ecological, economic and social aspects of forest resources. Although developed to evaluate national progress toward sustainable forests, the framework can be adopted at local level.

Measuring Progress: An Evaluation Guide for Ecosystem and Community-Based Project
Steven L. Yaffee. Ecosystem Management Initiative, University of Michigan, 2004.
Evaluation Sourcebook: Measures of Progress for Ecosystem and Community-Based Projects
Sheila K. Schueller, Steven L. Yaffee, Stephen J. Higgs, Kathleen Mogelgaard and Elizabeth. A. DeMattia. Ecosystem Management Initiative, University of Michigan, 2006.
Measuring Progress is a comprehensive guide to creating and implementing a monitoring and evaluation plan for natural resource management projects. Focuses not only on monitoring, but incorporating results of monitoring back into ongoing management planning. The Sourcebook is a reference to help in selecting indicators for measuring progress on ecological, social and organizational goals, with references to data sources.

Sustainable Forest Management Community Handbook for the Great Lakes Region
Maureen McDonough, Leigh Ann Spence and Wendy Hinrichs Sanders. Great Lakes Forest Alliance, 2002.
A guide with detailed case studies to help communities develop a sustainable forestry initiative, focusing in particular on selecting criteria and indicators of sustainable forest management, and monitoring and evaluating for forest sustainability based on those indicators. Resources listed are for the Great Lakes states, but the principles and guidelines are more broadly applicable.
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