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(This article highlights two community forests, each a municipal forest operation, that have been in existence for over 40 years)

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(This article talks about how the ejido system in Mexico has empowered local communities to manage their forests for economic and environmental goals.)

Harrop-Procter Community Forest, Procter, British Columbia, Canada
The communities of Harrop and Procter are situated 20 miles northeast of the city of Nelson in the West Kootenay interior region of British Columbia, Canada. The communities overlook the West Arm of Kootenay Lake that flows into the U.S. We fit geographically within the Yellowstone to Yukon Project. We are located within one of only a few interior rainforests in the world.

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Revelstoke Community Forest
The Revelstoke Community Forest Corporation (RCFC) was formed in April 1993 to manage and operate Tree Farm Licence (TFL) 56 which was purchased by the City of Revelstoke from Westar Timber Ltd. The City's primary reason for purchasing the Licence was to regain some control over the local forest resources for social and economic reasons, but also to improve the standard of forest management and environmental protection in the area.

Harrop-Proctor Community Forest
The Harrop-Procter Pilot has gone two steps past the typical community forest by implementing an ecosystem-based plan as well as value-added strategies to expand local employment. The goal of ecosystem-based planning is to leave a fully functioning forest after logging takes place. So far, Harrop-Procter has the only community forest in BC with ecosystem-based plans in place at both the landscape and timber stand level.

Community Forest Tenure
Outlines goals, objectives and questions regarding community forest tenure in British Columbia. A great introduction to community forests.

Forests and
We are a global movement that advocates and promotes the rights of local communities and Indigenous Peoples to manage their forests and forest resources in ways that are socially just, ecologically sound, economically viable, and culturally respectful.