C-5 Aligning Vision and Goals to Sustainability


The worksheet can be used for reviewing the extent to which existing vision and goals incorporate sustainability concepts.



In the right hand column below write the potential changes to the vision so that it reflects the sustainability concept in the left hand column.

Sustainability Concepts


Long-term balance between economic, social and environmental goals (look ahead 20-50 years, understand the connections)



Limits to natural, social, and built systems (live off the interest of community capital, don’t degrade or use it up)




Inter- and intra- generational equity (share with future generations and current inhabitants, local sustainability in harmony with global sustainability rather than at expense of others)





Criteria for ‘Good’ Goal

Addresses key concepts of sustainability:


Looks to the future

Potentially measurable

Potentially achievable but not auto-matically

Reflects broad agreement & community values

Represents desired outcomes or community conditions