C-2. Frameworks for Organizing Issues and Indicators


As discussed in Appendix B, an indicator framework is a way to organize or categorize issues, concerns and indicators to better understand complex systems and to ensure that a project is adequately addressing all aspects of the system, not focusing inappropriately on a subset of the system. A useful exercise using frameworks is to have participants write down all the issues or concerns that they have about their community or the forest resources, and then organize these issues or concerns within a particular framework. The following worksheets can be used in small group exercises or can be done as stations in the Round Robin exercise format described in C-3. The worksheets as written would be used to identify issues, but the column headings can be modified to identify indicators rather than issues.
C-2a  Montréal Process Framework
C-2b  Community Capital Framework
C-2c  Montréal Process and Pressure-State-Response Framework


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