Forest Sustainability Indicator Tools for Communities (2003)


This document was developed as a joint project between the U.S. Forest Service, American Forests, and Sustainable Measures, Inc. It was developed as part of the Linking Communities to the Montreal Process Criteria and Indicators project, a three-year project, begun in 2001, to advance understanding of how local, regional, and national efforts to develop sustainability criteria and indicators can be connected. Information and lessons from the project were used to provide feedback in the preparation of the 2003 report on the sustainability of U.S. forests based on the application of the Montreal Process Criteria and Indicators (MP C&I).
This document is intended to serve as an indicator 'tool kit' for forest-based communities that are working on maintaining and enhancing their natural resources as a basis for long-term economic, social and environmental health. A key component of the tool kit is the Montreal Process Criteria and Indicators - a framework, which helps assess ecological, economic and social aspects of forest resources. Although originally developed to evaluate national progress toward sustainable forests, the framework can be adopted at local level. Three communities tested this tool kit as part of the three-year pilot project, funded by USDA Forest Service. Appendix D describes the process each community went through and some of the key lessons learned.
As with any tool kit, the tools themselves do not do the work, rather they are implements that can support communities' efforts to better manage their natural resources for present and future generations.

Chapter 1 - Introduction HTML or PDF
Chapter 2 - Engaging the Community HTML or PDF
Chapter 3 - Defining a Vision and Goals HTML or PDF
Chapter 4 - Measuring Progress HTML or PDF
Appendix A - Definitions HTML or PDF
Appendix B - Frameworks for Organizing Indicators HTML or PDF
Appendix C - Exercises HTML or PDF
Appendix D - Case Studies HTML or PDF
Appendix E - Sample Indicators - Forest Sustainability HTML or PDF
Appendix F - Other Resources HTML or PDF
Appendix G - Examples of Sustainable Forestry-Related Goals HTML or PDF
Appendix H - Presentation Materials HTML or PDF

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